Treat yourself to fun activities at home this monsoon season

New Delhi, Jul 16 (UNI) Everyone is staying indoors during the monsoon season, even children who prefer to play outside are now confined to their homes.

To provide a solution to this problem, Sony YAY comes to the rescue and shares fun activities that kids can do at home with their friends and create everlasting memories.

First, play hide and seek – ‘Oggy and the Cockroaches’ style: In kids’ favorite show, ‘Oggy and the Cockroaches’, the cockroaches like to chase and tease Oggy. And this non-stop chase and their fun antiques take young audiences on a thrilling ride of joy. So how about bringing this hunting comedy home this monsoon and playing hide and seek with your friends the same way Oggy and the cockroaches create fun and excitement in your lives.

Next comes home camp, just like “HaGoLa”: Hathgola, Goli, and Latha from the show “HaGoLa” are inanimate objects who are friends and always go on the adventures and misadventures of their lives. It’s always a time filled with fun, excitement and adventure when we have friends around. So what better opportunity than to revisit that at home this monsoon. Set up a makeshift tent with your friends, make picnic sandwiches and tell your favorite stories that will help add color to this black and white monsoon.

Finally – Create an everlasting memory with your parents just like “Obocchama-Kun”: Obocchama is a child with a unique outlook on life. He shares a very endearing relationship with his father who loves him to pieces and treats him like a prince. Why not make it a happy monsoon for your parents by having a special day with them, TV shows, good food and fun games. Hush! don’t tell them it’s a secret.

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Sally J. Minick