The most wonderful time for winter activities in Saudi Arabia

RIYAD: The cooler days of the winter season offer a different selection of activities and excursions in Saudi Arabia.

While people in the colder parts of the world may choose to stay indoors and turn on their heaters to warm up, the people of the Kingdom light fires in the wilderness and participate in all manner of winter activities.

A local Hail business has plenty of party activities this winter. Arabian Nights, established in 2017, offers domestic tourism trips to locals, residents and visitors.

“Winter is the most important season here because it’s a time when people love to go out and explore Arabia,” said Omar Alshammeri, Managing Director of Arabian Nights. “It is also a great opportunity to meet new people and new visitors to the Kingdom.

“One of the most important things here during the winter season is the activities in the desert,” he said. “Dunes, hiking, camping, visiting historic sites are some of the best ways to experience Saudi culture and have a great time this winter.”

The company offers many services and activities for its customers, such as planned itineraries in Riyadh, Qassim, Hail, Jazan, Al-Ahsa, Tabuk and Jeddah, as well as safaris, motorcycle tours in the desert and accommodation. clients with hospitality services such as flights, stays and provision of traditional local dishes.

The Al-Thumamah Desert is a Riyadh favorite, according to Alshammeri.

Located an hour north of the capital, locals have frequented this desert for generations, making it an ancestral tradition in the Kingdom, especially during the winter season.

“When winter comes, we have set up a campsite at Al-Thumamah in the hopes of creating a beautiful atmosphere filled with fun activities for families and friends.”

Sandboarding has also become a popular activity and sport in Riyadh.

Sandboarding is a popular sport in Riyadh. (Shutterstock)

“People love sandboarding in the winter, and with Arabian Nights you can definitely come join us for an exciting experience.”

Alshammeri also recommended that visitors take historical tours in the Riyadh area, including visits to the National Museum, Masmak Fortress, and the Aviation Museum.

“Our core values ​​lie in making our customers happy and being exposed to more Saudi culture – that’s what drives us,” he added.

Alshammeri says the drive to organize these events and activities is also fueled by the need to keep pace with Vision 2030 for the tourism sector.

“The tourism sector here is a new sector and needs businesses working to provide more of its recreational services,” Alshammeri said. “To keep pace with the Kingdom’s vision for the sector, there must be high capacities and skills to lead the tourism scene.”

Tickets for Arabian Nights winter activities are available on their official website or Instagram Account @

This is all in addition to the Riyadh and Jeddah season and the Tantora winter which takes place in AlUla.

Sally J. Minick