The best camping sites in Bangladesh to reconnect with nature


Outdoor camping is a great retreat for nature lovers who want to add thrills and adventure to their lives. The camping experience offers a real escape from the mundane city life. Spending time in nature is often considered the best way to discover and feel the surrounding natural beauties. Bangladesh has many tourist spots, but until recently there weren’t many camping destinations. Over the years the number has grown steadily, and now there are several enchanting campsites in Bangladesh to cherish for outdoor enthusiasts.

Top 10 camping destinations in Bangladesh

Most of the places on the list also offer accommodation and hotels in and around the campsites. But that is not the main purpose of camping. Travelers can take their camping gear with them. There are also rental options in some locations.

St Martin or Chhera Dwip

St Martin is the perfect secluded spot on the mainland for camping. It offers a unique mix of beaches, sand, sea and sky. The fascinating blue water around the island is something to watch for hours. Chhera Dwip provides an even more natural and scenic feel as there is no establishment there. Total immersion in nature makes it a perfect camping spot. However, due to its ecological importance, the government restricts camping in parts of St Martin. Be sure to check with local authorities before pitching tents.

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Inani Beach

Inani is located in a more remote area of ​​Cox’s Bazar. Most of the hotels, motels and access to the town of Cox’s Bazar are in and around the main beach. As a result, Inani enjoys the company of the most seasoned travelers. Needless to say, it gets a lot less people than the main beach, making it the perfect place to camp in the Cox’s Bazar beach area. It is nestled between the mountains and the deep blue sea. Most of the people camp near the forest area under the hills. It is also possible to camp near Marine Drive along the beach. But for security reasons, it is best to inform the police beforehand.

Shahpori Island

Shahpori Island is the southernmost unbroken landmass of Bangladesh. It is located just at the mouth of the Naf River and is considered a maritime border between Bangladesh and Myanmar.

The island offers some of the best natural experiences in winter. There are not many establishments in the area. All there is is around the pier only. Seasoned campers will love the secluded immersion in nature. Almost all of the beaches on Shahpori Island are ideal for camping. But the West Beach is the best location considering the plain and stunning views of sunrise and sunset. Make sure you pack suitable camping gear as there are no rental options on this island.

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Nijhum Dwip

Nijhum Dwip is located right in front of Noakhali. Nijhum Dwip first emerged as a landmass known locally as “Char”. The landmass has grown in an incursion over the years and a small population has grown on the island. The unusual location combined with the low number of inhabitants makes Nijhum Dwip the perfect camping spot. There are great plains in and around the coastal areas of the island. There are no establishments except a few local hotels for dining. The island is known for its deer population and migratory birds in winter. Many travelers come to see these migratory birds during the month of December. Tourists can go virtually anywhere on the island. But the place to camp is on the west side near the Bazaar. It offers stunning views of sunrise and sunset.

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Marayong Tong, Bandarban

Marayong Tong is a mountain hiking trail located in Bandarban. It is ideally located in the chain from Mirinja to Alikadam. Like Thanchi, Marayong Tong is accessible from Bandarban via private transport or Chander Gari. Even though Marayong Tong is a trekking course, it offers an amazing camping destination at the top of the hill. There are good camping facilities with rentals of camping gear and food. Travelers can also enjoy the scenic Nilachol and nearby Boga Lake.

Thanchi Bandarban

Nestled in the mountains of the Bandarban district, Thanchi is a true natural gift thanks to its hills and unspoiled springs. Thnachi is home to several great places for hiking and camping. There are Remakree, Amiakhum, Nafakhum and Tindu within Thanchi. Every year, thousands of tourists visit these places for a thrilling trekking experience, waterfalls and springs. Being a hill district, security is particularly tight in this region. Thus, permits must be obtained from the police or the BGB before setting up a campsite.

There are direct bus services from Dhaka to Bandarban. From Bandarban, a popular touring car called Chander Gari can be taken to reach Thanchi.

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Mohamaya Lake, Chittagong

There aren’t many dedicated campsites like Mohamaya Lake in Chittagong. Local tourism authorities have set up dedicated campsites with facilities for budding tourists. So, for first-time campers, Lake Mohamaya may be the ideal option.

The camping area is a dedicated isolated area within the enclosure of Lake Mohamaya. Campers must pay a fee to enter the camping area. All types of camping equipment and amenities are available for hire. Mohamaya Lake has different sections for group and family campers. There is an open barbecue area as well as a bonfire for those beautiful winter nights. It is also easy to get to Mohamaya Lake. Get off at the Mir Shorai bus stop on the Dhaka Chittagong Expressway. From there there are a number of local transportations to get to Mohamaya Lake.

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Rema-kalenga Wildlife Sanctuary, Habiganj

Rema-kalenga Wildlife Reserve is one of the few well-preserved wildlife reserves in Bangladesh. The shrine is located in the habiganj forests. The sanctuary offers some of the best unobstructed lowland forests in Bangladesh. The local flora and fauna make it a true haven of peace. Whether it’s the chirping of birds or the occasional sighting of deer and monkeys, the place is truly something to see. Since much of the forest is in the plains, this is the perfect campsite. Make sure you bring all the necessary equipment as hardly anything is available inside the shrine. Travelers will also need to get permission from the sanctuary authority to stay overnight.

Bisnakandi and Ratargul swamp forest

Bisnakandi has long been a favorite spot for tourists thanks to its clear waters and stony shores. The knee-deep clear water leads to a number of springs near the area. The springs are a perfect place to set up camps. There is also the Ratargul swamp forest. The forest is not accessible for land camping during the rainy season as it rains throughout the season. However, the forest dries up completely in winter and becomes a perfect place to camp. Seasoned travelers can camp in boats during the rainy season with heavy camping gear. To get to Bisnakandi and Ratargul Swamp Forest, tourists must get off at Amberkhana Point in Sylhet and take local transport from there.

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Char Kukrimukri, Bhola

This secluded mini-island is located at the mouth of Bangladesh’s largest island, Bhola. It is also one of the least visited tourist and camping spots in Bangladesh. Char Kukrimukri is located where the Meghna River meets the Bay of Bengal. Access to the island is difficult as tourists have to travel to Bhola by Launch first and then to the island by boat. The plain across the island makes it a perfect camping spot for seasoned tourists. There are not many houses except for a few local families who have settled on the island. There are no dedicated camping facilities, so travelers will need to carry all of their camping gear. Campers can camp in virtually any location. However, the southern part offers a fascinating view of the bay and the migratory birds that follow it.

Final thoughts

In recent years, tourism has grown considerably in Bangladesh. Travelers go on adventurous hikes and camping in addition to traditional tourism. While camping facilities are not yet developed, tourists and some local authorities are initiating positive changes. We hope that our discussion will help you choose the best campsite in Bangladesh spending quality time with nature.

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