Summer Camps and Activities 2022: The Lasting Benefits of Camp

By American Camp Association

Posted: Mar 12, 2022 8:00 AM

The camp has become an integral part of the fabric of America – evoking special memories of hiking, swimming, friendships and adventures for generations. When kids go to camp, they’ll likely come home thrilled with the lifelong friends they’ve made and the exciting adventures they’ve had.

What they probably won’t tell you are the life lessons camp taught them – those skills that, if cultivated at home after camp, result in lasting self-confidence, awareness of the importance of kindness and greater comfort in expressing their opinions.

For over 150 years, the camp has been changing lives – making all children feel good, especially those who may struggle with traditional educational settings. Camp is full of fun and excitement, but it’s so much more – developing kids better equipped to lead in the 21st century with skills such as independence, empathy, teamwork and vision. of the wider world.

Camp is a safe and nurturing environment that improves social skills. Camp is for everyone, so children and youth have the opportunity to meet and interact with peers from outside their school environment.

The camp complements traditional education. Camps use intentional programming to create a balance of experiential learning opportunities that are physical, emotional, and social.

The camp provides experiences that promote self-confidence and future academic growth. Independent research from the American Camp Association® (ACA) shows that parents and camp staff, as well as campers themselves, report significant growth in several areas, including leadership, independence, social comfort , values ​​and decisions.

The camp encourages respect and love for nature. Children can experience the natural world. The camp also gives them a chance to “unplug”. More and more experts are advocating the value of time in nature for children – and camp is the perfect place to do it.

The camp offers the opportunity to stay physically active. Camp is the ultimate outdoor experience with programs that offer physical activities and sports that improve health and teach self-confidence.

The camp is a natural extension of the classroom. Research indicates that by participating in strategically planned and structured summer experiences, children reduce learning loss during the summer. The camp challenges kids, keeps them engaged, develops their creativity and talents, and broadens their horizons.

Reprinted with permission from the American Camp Association. ©2022 American Camping Association, Inc.

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Sally J. Minick