Stick to child-safe activities for summer camp. – Los Alamos reporter

white rock

We have a sex offender registry full of people who thought they had a right to someone else’s children. Our society rightly condemns the sexual solicitation and exploitation of children. When this happens online in chat rooms, it’s a crime. Yet here in our county, that activity is being moved from the chat room and pushed into a classroom. The Los Alamos Arts Council and the Fuller Lodge Art Center unwittingly and unnecessarily put an instructor and children at risk.

This summer, the Fuller Lodge Art Center is opening summer camp programs for minors that involve Pride and LGBTQ exploration. Children will be asked to discuss their sexual identity. This class is a pedophile’s dream come true. It will be the grooming of the children in progress, the parents being accomplices by registering their children there. It doesn’t matter what your belief is; children are not an appropriate target for adult sexual subjects. Why? Because desensitizing children to sexual topics leads to exploitation.

Most people know not to blur the lines with children. If this was done in a creepy chat room, no one would support this. Parents, don’t let your guard down. You have an obligation to protect your children from predatory influence. Our community has an obligation to stop the sexualization of children by adults and to protect instructors from potential accusations. It starts here. Stick to child-safe activities for summer camp.

Sally J. Minick