Save gas, enjoy these 5 family activities at home

BATON ROUGE, La. (BRPROUD) — Summer is often considered the best time to get the family together for special events and excursions.

While refueling and going to multiple events and trips were the norm during pre-pandemic summers, this summer COVID is still a concern, and gas prices in the Capital Region are currently averaging 4 $.52 per gallon.

But the good news is that there is a wide range of activities that can be done at home.

These five at-home family activities could be the perfect alternative to trips that require a trip to the gas station:

Host a BBQ: Light the garden grill and invite your loved ones. You can even turn this into a fun yet economical weekly or monthly event by asking each guest to bring a side dish, drink, or disposable utensils.

Go “camp” in your backyard- Round up the kids, pitch a tent in the backyard, and bring home scary stories and s’mores for an unforgettable family adventure. (If your backyard isn’t suitable for camping or you’re not a fan of Louisiana’s nocturnal creatures, try “camping” in the living room.)

Host a weekly game night- Invite your family and friends over for game nights including activities such as Charades, Taboo, card games or karaoke. Save money by asking everyone to bring a snack or drink.

Plan a Kid-Friendly Scavenger Hunt– Plant simple “treasures” around the house and in safe places outside, near your home. Next, draw a treasure map with directions for your children. End the scavenger hunt with a climactic grand finale, humorous or otherwise memorable prize.

Organize a cooking – Transform your kitchen and dining room into the backdrop of the Great British Baking Show and invite your loved ones to a friendly baking competition. They bring their own cooking supplies to your kitchen – or simply bring baked goods they have pre-made from home – and after a taste test, the winners are selected.

Simple and creative in-home family gatherings like the ones listed above can be a great way to bond without spending a lot of money or gas.

Sally J. Minick