Photography, technology and more activities now at the House of Wisdom Youth Summer Camp in Sharjah

The photography camp for kids ages 12 and up opens with the “Create a Viral Tiktok/Reel Video” session on August 11, followed by a “Portrait Photography” session the following day. On August 13, attendees will learn the art of “Capturing Beautiful Sunsets” and conclude the camp with an overview of mastering “Product/E-Commerce Photography”.

Designed for the 12-16 age group, Creativity Camp kicks off August 18 with the Video Lab, dedicated to the cinematic experience. The next day, participants will have the opportunity to explore the basics of photographic techniques in the Photo Lab.

On August 20, participants will hone their skills in drawing and creating expressive textual art, infographics, portraits, logos and animations in the Art Lab, while in the Animations Lab the following day , participants will learn different types of animation techniques using Keynote.

In the Tech Summer Camp, participants ages 12 and up will learn automation programming using the Arduino programming board in three consecutive sessions between August 22-24.

The Youth Summer Camp concludes with the Wellness Camp, which includes three activities targeting youth 17 and older between August 25-27. Activities include the Emotional Release Workshop, Mindful Relationships Workshop, and Word to Art – Painting Therapy Workshop.

Amira Bint Faris, Program Manager, House of Wisdom, said, “In line with our vision to provide a stimulating space to foster cross-cultural dialogues and knowledge exchange across diverse disciplines, the Youth Summer Camp was developed to use the free time of young people in edutainment activities focused on developing and perfecting their skills and abilities.

Sally J. Minick