Overhaul of regulations to prohibit leisure activities in three areas of Stratford – including Bancroft

OUTDATED regulations controlling the type of activities allowed on Bancroft Gardens, the Rec and the Straford Tram are set for a modern overhaul.

If members of the Stratford District Council (SDC) Regulatory Committee give the go-ahead on Friday June 24, activities such as sky lantern lighting, cycling, swimming, ball games and throwing missiles could all be banned.

Perhaps more importantly, motorbikes could be prevented from parking in certain areas of Waterside – a cavalcade of parked motorbikes having been an iconic sight at events such as the Bulldog Bash motorbike event near Stratford for years .

The proposed regulations will replace existing regulations which date back to the turn of the last century and are no longer considered fit for purpose, as they do not reflect modern society or cover gadgets that people can now use for recreation, including including flying drones and model aircraft.

Other restrictions under the new regulations will include no camping in tents, trailers or other vehicles on the grounds except in an area designated for camping fires are not permitted or matches may be lit and discarded. No missiles may be launched that could harm others, including javelins, discs, or hammers. Skateboards and other self-propelled vehicles are prohibited and there will be no “without reasonable excuse” swimming in the waterways of the estate.

The sweeping changes were discussed by district councilors in January and sent to the Secretary of State, for Leveling, Housing and Committees, for approval – which was given. They will now be chewed up by members of the regulatory committee who must approve the new set of regulations.

Following committee approval, the proposal will be open to comments from members of the public before being submitted to the SDC Plenary Council for final approval.

A council spokesperson said the aim of the bylaws was to better manage Bancroft, Rec and Tramway Gardens and to enable the public to understand what they can and cannot do so everyone can enjoy all three areas.

New regulations will be clearly marked and enforced by a municipal officer or the police.

Rules Committee spokesman Councilor Ian Shenton added: “The current rules are outdated and no longer fit for purpose. The proposed new statutes reflect today’s modern society. Having a new set of rules makes it easier for the public to understand and manage the area more efficiently. »

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Sally J. Minick