New Year’s activities that are not resolutions

Christmas is finally over and everyone is getting ready to ring in the New Year. Holidays are always a great time to get together with family, relax and have a good time together. It’s a chance to remind ourselves of what we’re grateful for, and yes, maybe to set some goals for the years to come. This time of year everyone is talking about New Year’s resolutions, and if you made one and kept your resolution from last year. While goals are always good, there are some who just don’t believe in making resolutions.

They feel that goals and self-improvement are things that need to be done constantly, and New Year’s resolutions are usually not achievable. This means that when a person “fails” to achieve their resolution, they end up feeling bad about themselves and may even have mental health issues. This is not a path that many families want their children to follow, so they are trying to abolish New Years resolution altogether. However, that does mean they need some new traditions and we have 8 New Years activities that don’t involve making a resolution.

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8 Countdown Bags

A collection of party bags
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According to Modern parents, messy children, making countdown bags can be a great way to spend the night. All mom has to do is make little bags with goodies inside, or even jokes or puzzles, and there’s a bag for each person to open in the hours leading up to midnight. This means that at 8 p.m., they open a bag, then at 9 p.m., they open another bag, and so on.

seven Create noise makers

A few empty paper towel rolls
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There is no shortage of online craft ideas, and mom will only need a little inspiration. Building your own noisemakers can be a great way to spend the night, and then when the countdown begins you’ll have your own shakers to celebrate. Supplies for this are usually limited, and all mom might need are paper towel rolls, rice, and decorating stuff.

6 Make an alcohol-free cocktail

Some fancy mocktails to drink
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For adults, New Years is often the time to enjoy a goblet or two of champagne as they ring in the New Years. when you become a parent it’s not something you can do every time, or if you always want to, you want to make sure your kids are included. According to Parent of today, mom, dad, and the kids can spend time making some great mock drinks, but make sure you always serve them in fancy glasses.

5 Night dressing

Girl putting paper crown on
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If you really want to look like you’re in town on New Years Day, send everyone upstairs to put on their fanciest clothes. Make sure everyone is doing their hair and makeup and have your own house party. This activity can be perfect for “moms girls” or moms of boys who sometimes like to look a little dapper.

4 Photo booth

Home Photo Booth Supplies
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If you are already dressed because you liked the latest idea so much, you can also add a photo booth for the night’s events. Mom can often pick up supplies and accessories at her local dollar store, or she can make some up. The family will have fun taking all kinds of photos together and now the memories will be definitely captured.

3 Family interviews

A family all sitting together
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If you don’t want to make resolutions but still want to reflect on the last year, doing some family talks may be the best thing. According to It’s always fall, mom can invent interview questions that the whole family can ask and share her answer. Questions can be about some of their favorite memories from the previous year, what they learned and what their favorite meal was. The possibilities are limitless.

2 Indoor camping

indoor camping mom and daughters

If you think your kids are ready to stay awake until midnight, why not set up an indoor campsite for the whole family? Indoor camping can be exciting and fun, and it’s definitely a special occasion. If your kids aren’t ready to stay up until midnight, stream the London, England, and then “New Years” celebrations live at 7pm. instead of midnight.

1 A dancing parties

Two people dancing outside
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There’s nothing wrong with having a little dance party, and New Years Eve is the perfect excuse to put on some music and have everyone jump on the floor to dance. New Years is all about being with your family, and you always want to make sure that you ring in the New Year with enough joy to last the whole year.

Sources: Modern parents, messy children, Parent of today, It’s always fall

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