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A huge, potentially active volcano in northern California surrounded by a vast expanse of forests and lakes, Mount Shasta has become popular among outdoor sports enthusiasts as well as New Age believers who view it as a place sacred filled with spiritual energy. Singer / songwriter Jessie Reyez recently ran into it with friends and fell in love. Here’s why it captivated her and what she did while she was there:

Reyez, whose new EP, Being Human in Public, is out now.

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“It was in June, during my first headlining tour. Me and the crew, like eight of us, were all in this little van driving from San Francisco to Portland when I looked out the window and saw this beautiful mountain surrounded by green lakes. There was not a cloud in the sky and the water sparkled like a million little emeralds. We immediately walked over to her and found a little place to park; we made our way through some trees and walked out to the lake, then took our tops off and just hopped in. I remember swimming to the middle of the lake and floating there – arms out, legs out. The moon and the sun rose at the same time and a lone bird flew over the sky. It was such a peaceful moment. I feel like God was there.

We spent hours by the water, and when we left at sunset it was so beautiful we pulled over and I got on the trailer behind our van and danced on it with the pink-yellow sky and ice mountain in the background. . Then, five minutes later, we found this nasty place called Yaks. We had deluxe sandwiches, burgers, toddlers and great beers. Tons of beer.

Shasta Lake California

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This year we are on tour again and hopefully we can just pack our bags, go back to Mt Shasta and stay overnight. I can not wait.

Of recent forest fires in the region, adds Reyez, “the energy is pure there. It’s a shame the fire has ravaged such a beautiful place and I hope those affected can rebuild what they have lost.

If we have convinced you to discover Mount Shasta for yourself, here are our choices to make the most of your time there:

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Stay in a vintage breeze courtesy of Outdoorsy.


Where to stay

Those who prefer a more nomadic experience can rent a motorhome at Outdoors, The Airbnb of Motorhomes, which has pickup points throughout California.


Adventure seekers who wish to stay in the heart of the Shasta-Trinity National Forest can rent historic and rustic cabins at the National Forest Service.


The McCloud River Mercantile Hotel, an old 19e Mill Store of the Century, is about 15 minutes from Mt Shasta and has a view of the summit.


Where to eat

Yaks on the 5

If Jessie’s meal seems perfect, go Yaks on the 5, a locally famous burger joint.


For those looking for a more upscale restaurant, check out Lily’s, a pan-Asian / American spot in a cottage setting.

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What to do

To swim

For a refreshing swim, you can always do as Jessie and jump into one of the local lakes and rivers, but you’ll find a designated swimming beach at Siskiyou Lake Campground and Shastina Lake.


The Shasta-Trinity National Forest is full of hiking trails. One of the most popular is the McCloud River Falls Trail, which offers views of three different waterfalls.


If you like all things new-age, Soul connections is your one-stop-shop for metaphysical supplies.

For nature lovers, Shasta Base Camp sells and rents outdoor equipment (and has a rock wall climbing room).

Become spiritual

If you’re trying to tap into the famous spiritual energy of Mount Shasta, a company called Shasta Vortex Adventures offers everything from sacred site tours to guided vision quests.


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