Master Plan for Enhancement of Ecotourism Activities in Bandipur Tiger Reserve

Published on: Wednesday April 20, 2022

The Karnataka Forest Department has launched a tender for the preparation of a master plan for the improvement of ecotourism activities in the Bandipur Tiger Reserve. The master plan will include the construction of a museum, a sports park, recreation and information centers, among others. A training center for trainee officers will also be built within the reserve. The cost of this whole project has been estimated at Rs. 40 crores.

Deputy Forest Conservator, MS Ravikumar, said: “The plan to improve ecotourism is at the preliminary stage. We have launched a call for tenders for the preparation of the Detailed Project Report (DPR). After the preparation of the master plan, we will discuss and finalize the project.

Foresters are also planning to introduce an elephant back safari to the reserve. The proposal was discussed with Karnataka’s Minister of Forests, UmeshKatti. Currently, Bandipur Reserve only offers tiger safaris.

“We have around 23 elephants in Ramapura camp. While the camp has a capacity of only 14 elephants. There is a plan to move seven to eight elephants to the Bandipur area. After that, we would like to resume the elephant safari which was stopped due to some reasons. The proposal has also been discussed with the Minister of Forests,” Ravikumar said.

To quote the Director of Bandipur Tiger Reserve, Ramesh Kumar, “About 10% of the land area of ​​Bandipur Tiger Reserve has been designated as tourist area to conduct safari activities. We also organize programs for students. We want to take measures favorable to tourism.

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