Lawsuit Dismissed for Safe Outdoor Campground at Park Hill Church


DENVER – A Denver judge has ruled to dismiss a lawsuit brought to try to prevent a safe outdoor campground from going up to a neighborhood homeless church.

Lawyers Heather Anderson Thomas and Douglas W. Baier filed a lawsuit on behalf of residents Kurt Monigle, Dave Rodman, Jean Baptiste-Varnier, Justin Lovac and Blair Taylor in the lawsuit against Colorado Village Collaborative, City of Denver, Park Hill United Methodist Church , Pastor Nathan Adams and Zoning Administrator Tina Axlerad.

The secure outdoor space at Park Hill United Methodist Church is scheduled to be upgraded in early June.

But the residents claimed in the lawsuit settling at the site should be arrested because it “did not meet the requirements set by the city, pose[s] a real danger to minors and school-aged children, ignores the impact it will have on the neighborhood and moves people from an area with available resources to an area not equipped to handle the goal .

Denver District Judge A. Bruce Jones ruled Wednesday that the court lacked jurisdiction and that “the plaintiffs, by their own admission, have an administrative remedy that has not been exhausted.” The dismissal order says: “Basically, a court cannot order a stay of a case when it does not have jurisdiction over that case at first instance”.

In response to the layoff, Colorado Village Collaborative said they were “keen to bring these safe outdoor spaces to life and provide quality service and support in a neighborhood that has a rich history of building connections across communities. dividing lines for the good of all of us “.

The organization said it has a valid permit and will continue its plan to expand safe outdoor spaces both at Regis University in early June, moving from a site to the First Baptist Church. Denver and Park Hill United Methodist Church. The Regis and Park Hill sites would serve up to 100 people, officials said.

“I really hope the neighbors of Park Hill can hear me authentically say that we want to be good neighbors,” said Cole Chandler, executive director of the Colorado Village Collaborative, previously.

Colorado Village Collaborative managed the secure camping space outside the Denver Community Church at 16th and Pearl, which opened in December on a six-month lease, and has plans to move the site to the Park Hill Church despite some community opposition after the church said it would host the site.

The Uptown location has been successful in bringing homeless people into longer-term housing and taking care of their mental and physical health, according to Chandler


Sally J. Minick

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