International Day of the Family Activities for a Fun Time

It’s always nice to do things as a family. Family is one of the most important bonds in a child’s life, but unfortunately life gets busy. With households having two parents who have to work, there seems to be little time to spend together. In addition to work, there is the constant fear of household chores and errands. Parents may find themselves at the end of the week sitting around wondering where the time went and wishing they had enough time with their children.

That’s why today is the perfect excuse because it’s International Day of the Family. According to National Today, May 15 is always the International Day of the Family, and it is a day set aside to reflect on the importance of the family. This means that now may be the best time to put everything aside for a single day and focus on family activities. However, Mom may be out of ideas, but don’t worry. We have 10 activities perfect for families, and there will be something for everyone.

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ten Make a family tree

Studying family history is a great hobby for many people, and now might be the perfect day to start yours. According to Lady Bird Education, the whole family can sit down and build their family tree. They can go back as far as they can remember and contact other family members to try to piece the pieces together.

9 A twist on ‘Guess Who’

The popular Guess Who game can be turned into a personalized family version. If you know the game, you know that it’s basically about describing someone until the other person can guess who they are. You can do this with your own family, but use family members as clues.

8 read stories

If you have younger children, you may need a less complicated activity. Reading is always a great activity, and there are plenty of stories about families and the adventures they have. After reading a few stories, have everyone create their own story about a family adventure (don’t forget the pictures), then everyone can share.

7 Plant a home garden

This is when everyone starts preparing their garden for summer. According to Windows On Washington, the family can all come together and plant their own allotment garden. Choose a place outside and clean it. Then have each family member choose their own plant to add to the garden. When you’re done, step back and watch how everything blends together.

6 Cook dinner together!

Everyone needs to eat and it is often mum who prepares dinner for everyone. However, today could be the time when everyone cooks the family meal. Depending on your child’s age and abilities, this could be something complex or just like personal pizzas.

5 Camp in the backyard

Families have loved camping for a long time, and it’s a great way to escape everyday life and connect. However, you can camp directly in your garden. Have the family camp overnight, but remember that no electronic devices are allowed as this is strictly family time.

4 Go to the park

Activities don’t have to be extravagant to be meaningful, and on the day of the international event, something as simple as going to the park or the beach can be fun for the whole family. Especially if it’s not something they do a lot due to busy schedules. Prepare a picnic and have lunch in the shade.

3 board games

Board games are another classic that is sometimes overlooked. They may be stacked in a closet, gathering dust, but now might be the perfect time to get them out. It will be a great idea if it rains. There’s something wonderfully simple about sitting around a board game and making sure no one is cheating.

2 Create a photo album

Lots of people have photos lying around their house or on their cell phones, and now might be the time to do something about them. If you have the pictures handy that’s great, and if you don’t there are plenty of places that will do an hour service. Once you have the photos, you can organize them together in a photo album or create an album. As you go through the images, everyone is sure to start sharing a few memories.

1 Competition can be friendly

There’s nothing wrong with friendly competition, and it’s something that can be done on this day. Look online for great and easy games that you can all play and make them competitive. Maybe it could be parents versus kids, and at the end of all events, the winner gets to choose what’s for dinner.

Sources: National Today, Lady Bird Education, Windows On Washington, International Day of Events

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