Indispensable for fall outdoor activities and home storage: Scepter ™ water containers

For short and long trips, be sure to bring plenty of clean, potable water with you. Scepter drinking water containers are BPA free, durable and provide 5 gallons of fresh water space.

Whether you are traveling away from home or preparing your home for possible storm problems, having extra containers full of potable water is essential.

Offroad through the mountains. Camping under the autumn leaves. Or simply prepare your home to deal with possible home emergencies. Every situation requires people to be prepared. An essential part of this preparation is having sufficient amounts of clean water.

“Whether you are traveling away from home or preparing your home for possible storm problems, it is essential to have additional containers filled with potable water,” says Daniel Marshall, vice president of marketing and development. commercial at Scepter ™. “We make two different types of five gallon water containers. Whether you need a container with extra durability for outdoor activities or an easy-to-use container at home, we’ve got you covered.

Sustainable drinking water containers

Made from sturdy high density polyethylene, Scepter ™ 5 Gallon Military Water Containers are BPA free, keeping chemicals, odors and tastes out of your water. Corrosion and fungus resistant containers keep water clean and safe. The best water cans are also resistant to extreme weather conditions.

For quick use, the easy-to-carry military water cans can empty up to five gallons of water in under seven seconds thanks to the four-inch-wide cap opening. The sturdy containers are available in the colors American Sand and American Green.

“These are the same reliable containers that have been used by Allied NATO forces on the ground for over 30 years,” says Marshall. “They are virtually indestructible, which makes them ideal for boating, camping and sporting activities.

Water for domestic use

When you need to store extra water around the home, the Scepter Drinking Water Container is the perfect choice. The 5 gallon light blue can has an easy pour spout to fill a mug or small bottle. When not in use, the spout is easily stored inside the device.

The durable, BPA-free design of the water tank makes it flexible for both use and storage. “When you’re thinking about saving water at home in an emergency, this is the container you want to use,” says Marshall. “This canister is also great to take in your jeep or car on a day trip, hike, or anywhere you want to make sure you have clean, potable water.”

Made in North America, Scepter Military Water Cans are available at Amazon, Walmart®, Grainger®, Tech Supply and Services, Bottom Line Military Sales, Lexington Container Company, DS Tactical, and Scepter also manufactures a full line of fuel containers. Visit for more information.

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Sally J. Minick