Holiday activities that you love to do with your children │ GMA News Online

With the Christmas holidays fast approaching (some may have started!), Parents are forced to occupy their energetic youngsters. Take this opportunity to offer your children a place to explore, continue to learn and develop their creativity beyond their usual virtual classroom.

Feed your children’s natural curiosity while spending precious time with them with these simple activities you can do while on vacation:

Plan a day trip
As restrictions are generally relaxed across the country, parents can now plan trips with their school-aged children. Picnic in a nearby outdoor location, visit a natural park, or go camping at a recreation site. Studies show that outdoor activities improve children’s sensory skills, develop positive behavioral traits and increase their attention span. Just make sure you mask yourself, bring your vaccination record and follow standard health protocols before you go.

Christmas crafts
Whether it’s making DIY Christmas tree decorations, creating a Christmas card, or wrapping a gift, kids will benefit from working with their hands. Hands-on activities like arts and crafts develop fine motor skills, engage multiple parts of the brain, and develop concentration in young children.

Involve them in the preparation of holiday meals
If you are lacking a helping hand with cooking your noche buena or other meals at home, why not recruit your little one to be your cook’s helper? This seemingly simple activity develops basic skills like measuring, counting, and pouring. It also improves children’s listening skills when they follow your instructions. Knowing that they also participated in the preparation of a meal increases a child’s confidence and self-esteem.

Register them for an online workshop
Take advantage of quality virtual lessons to develop your child’s skills. the McDonald’s Kids Team is a beloved McDonald’s event that has been around for 29 years. This year, it is accessible online through a virtual McDonald’s store where children will be guided. Taking place on weekends until December 29, each McDonald’s Kiddie Crew Online Workshop is a two-day afternoon session, each lasting 90 minutes.

The registration fee is only P499 and includes not only the two-day online workshop, but also a one-day workshop meal (Happy Meal 1-pc. Chicken McDo with drink) and their own kit workshop (chef’s hat, apron, bag, and cap) with a FREE Kiddie Crew T-shirt and thong.

Registration for McDonald’s Kiddie Crew Workshop is in progress. Visit to register your children for a niche, view more information or purchase gifts through the Kiddie Crew store.

Sally J. Minick