TOYKO, January 10, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Last week, the Katsushika-ku government announced that it had nearly brought the coronavirus pandemic under control. So citizens can bring their family and friends to camp outdoors and experience the long-lost nature. In addition to the basic camping stuff, they chose the recently launched HEADWOLF D500 portable power station which comes with rich interfaces. With a battery capacity of 162000mAh, supports PD100W fast charging, equipped with AC/USB/DC/PD multi-output ports, can be adapted to a variety of charging devices, all these configurations suit them well.

The surface of HEADWOLF D500 uses an oxygen electrode oxidation process, and the corners are designed with arcs. This dark gray is smudge resistant and beautiful. Its LOGO is also very flattering. It is the silhouette of a wolf’s head. It should represent the perseverance and courage of outdoor explorers.

The D500 is equipped with LED lighting which consists of 4 LED lamp beads, it also supports SOS flashing function Who can really save users’ life when traveling outdoors. According to the manual, D500 adopts dual fan heat dissipation design and LIFEPO4 battery, which can greatly reduce the working temperature, and the possibility of explosion is 0, which greatly protectss personal security. The HEADWOLF D500 uses a large area LCD screenI this can see all kinds of information at a glance, which is very efficient to use. DC, USB, Type C symbol, AC sine wave symbol. charging, battery and fault indicator, high temperature indicator, working status. they also measured the power supply of electric blankets, low-power rice cookers and spotlights, all of which have very significant effects. It is very easy to load all kinds of digital products on HEADWOLF D500. To test the machine, they take out all the digital effects. Nikon cameras, DJI drones, Macbook, iPhone 12 Pro, iqoo3 mobile phone, all charged well. The D500 provides a maximum AC output power of 100W, which adequately meets the needs of most laptops. People usually use external power bank to cooperate with laptops, and dare not let the laptop turn on the maximum brightness, but this time tested Dell and Macbook, it can provide stable power supply, which enables the users to feel comfortable to maintain the working condition. it’s really much more convenient for us to travel by car, To do outdoor activities and explore nature with HEADWOLF D500.

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Sally J. Minick