Gino in his new ITV program: “The activities of D’Acampos HATE! “

We’re used to seeing TV personality Gino D’Acampo gallanting the world with his pals Gordon Ramsay and Fred SirieIx on ITV’s Gordon, Gino and Fred’s road trip.

Now, however, Gino has new travel companions as he takes his wife Jessica and their three children to explore Sardinia’s hidden gems and the best of southern Italy at Gino’s Italian family adventure.

The seven-part series sees the Family Fortune host and This morning The resident chef takes Jessica and their Britain-born and raised toddlers – 19-year-old son Luciano, 16-year-old son Rocco and nine-year-old daughter Mia – on a journey to discover their Italian roots and where her passion for the cooking began, creating memories and of course lots of delicious food along the way.

Gino, 45, tells us more …

How did the idea of ​​doing a family show come about?

“I’ve wanted to do this for two or three years but never had the courage to ask them. But after the lockdown I thought, ‘They’re going to desperately want to go somewhere and experience something different.’ So soon that the restrictions were lifted, I asked them, and they immediately said “yes.” So if there is one thing I can thank Covid is that it gave us the opportunity to do so . “

In the first episode, you all kayak around the coastal limestone caves of eastern Sardinia. It was fun ?

“It wasn’t fun at all! It’s important for everyone to know that the D’Acampos HATE doing anything that requires our bodies to move – we love to cook together but don’t ask ourselves to do activities! kind of walking, exploring or camping, forget it. We’re the worst family for this. We made it look fun but off camera my family was like, “When the hell are we going to finish this ? “”

Then, in the mountains, you take your family to gather sheep …

“This is, again, a typical thing you do for television, but there’s no way I’ll ask my family in normal life, ‘Are we going to herd some sheep?’ I don’t think we were even dressed appropriately for something like that. That turned out to be a really bad idea! “

Gino's Italian family adventure

Gino tries to get Luciano and Rocco to keep sheep. It does not end well. (Image credit: ITV)

Each episode focuses on a different member of the family, was it nice to have this one-on-one moment?

“It was the best thing ever because when you’re surrounded by my family, there are too many of them; three kids, the wife and my stepmother, so you kind of go from person to person quickly. “Other. When I had three or four days with just Rocco or Mia, it was special. It’s something we don’t do often enough, so I was very happy to do it.”

In episode two, you take Rocco to your hometown of Naples, a place that he says really captures your personality…

“It was very important for us to go to Naples. I wanted my kids to understand the crazy Italian mentality; why sometimes I am loud or I don’t play by the rules or I do things backwards. It’s important for them to understand where I grew up. Naples tells you everything you need to know about anyone who has lived in Naples for all the years that I have. It’s dysfunctional beauty. “

Rocco D'Acampo in Gino's Italian family adventure

Cheese Making: Son Rocco learns a new skill. (Image credit: ITV)

It’s also quite a moving episode for you, isn’t it?

“It is. I went to see my father’s grave for the first time. It was a good experience for me. I wanted to go for a long time, I just didn’t want to go alone. So I thought if Rocco was there we should take the opportunity to do it. With Rocco there you have the four generations, because my grandfather is buried there too. “

What was the most memorable part of the series for you to film?

“Luciano and I went fishing in Calabria in southern Italy. We spent the day on the boat with all the fishermen, who were very poor. It was good for me to talk to Luciano and remind him that , in life you don’t need a lot of expensive clothes or a vacation. A lot of fishermen didn’t even have a cell phone. It was a great time for us.

Gino's Italian family adventure

The whole family: Luciano, Rocco, Gino, Jessica and Mia. (Image credit: ITV)

What is your favorite dish from the series?

“Ooh, that’s a tough question. I’d be happy to tell you who my favorite kid is, but it’s hard to tell you what my favorite recipe is! . With Mia, we made spaghetti with clams, in Porto Chervo in Sardinia. With Rocco on the bay of Torre del Greco, where I was born, we made a risotto with mussels, prawns and lemon zest. Then we visited the Naples football stadium, where Maradona used to play and make meatballs on the pitch. And, with Jessica, I made Chicken Marsala and Cream, her favorite dish, and a chocolate cheesecake. “

Gino's Italian family adventure

Outdoor Life: Gino cooks sausages and beans. (Image credit: ITV)

You and Jessica have been married for 20 years. What’s your recipe for a lasting relationship – and are you romantic?

“The secret is very simple: you live a life together, and you also have a separate life. You should spend 50% of the day together, but the other 50 must be separated, otherwise you will go crazy! romantic. I don’t buy flowers, I don’t buy chocolates, I don’t write Valentine’s Day, birthday or Christmas cards but I do a lot of other things I always wash the car from Jess on the weekends, I always remember to charge the electric toothbrush and I always make coffee in the morning. Is that romantic? “

How does the making of this series compare to your travelogues with Gordon and Fred?

“In a way, it’s exactly the same, because you have fun on the left and you have fun on the right. But with Gordon and Fred, I’ll have fun of a different kind; the fun usually starts to 10 p.m. and ends at 3 a.m.! “

A cookbook accompanies this series. Will Gordon and Fred receive a signed copy for Christmas?

“Oh yes, for Christmas everyone will receive a cookbook, signed by me, with a nice message. You know how much I hate to make cards, but if this is the cookbook, I’ll be happy to sign it. “

Gino’s Italian family adventure begins Monday, November 8 at 8 p.m. on ITV.

Sally J. Minick