Free school meals and activities will continue over holidays for three years

NORTH Swindon MP Justin Tomlinson and councilors Kate Tomlinson and Jo Morris have welcomed the expansion of the government’s holiday food and activity scheme.

Children who receive free school meals across Swindon will continue to have access to fully funded sporting and enrichment activities throughout the school holidays as the scheme will receive an investment of over £200million a year over for the next three fiscal years.

Hundreds of thousands of children across the country have benefited from this program. Last summer almost 1,500 Swindon children used it during the summer, Easter and winter holidays.

The scheme provides grants to local authorities so that they can coordinate the provision of free holidays for eligible children.

It aims to help children access extracurricular activities throughout the holidays that they might not otherwise have had access to, and provides free breakfast and lunch to all participating children, putting the emphasis on healthy eating while helping participants’ families develop their understanding. nutrition and the food budget.

Priory Vale Councilors Kate Tomlinson and Jo Morris visited one of the activities at Draycott’s Sports Camp in Oakhurst.

Earl Tomlinson said: “It was fantastic to see children who otherwise wouldn’t be able to attend summer sports camp and benefit from healthy eating throughout the day. It’s also a great daycare for families who wouldn’t normally be able to access it.

Councilor Morris added, “It was great to see all the kids having fun at Draycott Sports Camp. This fully funded program is great news for local kids and I’m really glad it has been extended.

MP Justin Tomlinson said: “I have long advocated for children to have access to sport and activities, regardless of their family’s financial situation. Every child should have the same opportunities from an early age and this program helps to achieve that. I will continue to ensure that the government remains engaged in this area.

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Sally J. Minick