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Fall is a fun time of year, and there is so much your family can do during the months of October and November. Unfortunately, however, many families live on a tight budget in the fall, especially if they are trying to save for Christmas presents.

Luckily, you don’t need to let finances get in the way of family fun this fall. In fact, you can do these eight fall activities for free or for little.

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8 Enjoy a fall scavenger hunt


If you’re looking for a free but fun fall activity for your family, consider a fall-themed scavenger hunt. According to Institute for the Advancement of Education, scavenger hunts provide lots of learning opportunities for kids while keeping learning fun!

Scavenger hunts are a great family activity anytime, but fall scavenger hunts can include unique items that you usually can’t locate at other times of the year, like colorful leaves or acorns. . Just make sure you create a list that’s long enough that everyone takes some time to find everything, and think of a fun fall-themed prize for the family member who finds the most items.

seven Prepare a picnic

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Whether you’re going for a hike or just playing at the neighborhood park, nothing says fall like a good picnic. Kids love the novelty of picnics, and they’re so much cheaper than taking the whole family out to eat.

Of course, packing the perfect picnic absolutely requires Tupperware, and the latest collaboration from Tupperware and the National Park Foundation is the perfect way for families to “keep parks fresh” and garbage-free this fall. These limited edition products include an ECO + to-go mug, an ECO + sandwich and snack keeper, and a reusable water bottle all of which feature beautiful landscapes inspired by the country’s national parks. The on-the-go mug, sandwich and snack containers are made with Tupperware’s ECO + material, which is made with the world’s first durable, food-safe materials. You can pick up these products at some Delaware North dealership sites, such as National Park visitor sites and gift shops across the country, or directly from the Tupperware site.

6 Visit an orchard

Person with apples
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Many people love fall because it means it’s time to harvest the apples and enjoy some delicious apple cider or freshly baked apple pie. However, many families don’t realize that they can go and visit an apple orchard and sometimes even pick their own apples.

Usually, there is no admission fee for local orchards – they just charge you a small fee for the apples you pick. Either way, the fun your family will have together is worth more than the cost of the apples, especially if you can all get down to it and pick them yourself.

5 Occupy yourself in the kitchen

Father bangs his daughter in the kitchen
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Apple pie isn’t the only thing baking in the kitchen during fall. In fact, there are many amazing fall recipes that you and your kids can cook together in the kitchen without spending a lot of money.

Cooking together helps your child learn essential life skills, which is sure to benefit them as they grow older. Plus, working in the kitchen is a great way to spend quality time with the family, which can benefit everyone’s mental health.

4 Driving through the fall foliage

autumn leaves

If your family enjoys driving on Sundays, fall is a great time of year to hit the road no matter where you live. There are places all over the country to view fall foliage, especially if you live in the northern half of the country. You and your kids will enjoy the beautiful landscape filled with brightly colored leaves, and it is also a great bonding experience.

Don’t forget the snacks and car play ideas and your family will love this quintessential fall activity!

3 Prepare fall crafts

What you'll need for Cinco de Mayo
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Whether you want to decorate the house for Halloween or Thanksgiving, fall crafts are a fun, inexpensive activity that everyone in the house can enjoy together. Whether your children are preschoolers or tweens, the team of Dad’s life lessons has this great list of fall crafts for kids that you will all love to make together.

2 Head for a pumpkin patch

Kids at a pumpkin together
Photo by Nathan J Hilton from Pexels

While this isn’t always free, it’s a fall activity that’s always worth mentioning. Many pumpkin patch now include enough activities to keep your kids busy all day, and admission prices are usually much cheaper than going to the movies.

If possible, try to find a pumpkin patch that allows you to pick your own pumpkins. Your kids will love going out onto the field and picking out their own pumpkin, and you will probably all end up with one that looks unique.

1 Camp

Children on camping trip.
Photo by Yaroslav Shuraev from Pexels

Whether you’re heading to a state park or pitching a tent in your backyard, camping is a fun family activity that costs nothing. Fall is also a great time to go camping as the air is cool and the campfire is usually nice on your skin as the sun goes down for the night.

No matter how tight your budget is this fall, these eight activities will have a lot of fun for the whole family. So what are you waiting for? Go out and create memories this fall!

Sources: Institute for the Advancement of Education, Tupperware, Dad’s life lessons

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