Families return as caravans and campsites in Wales reopen for the 2022 season and hope for a year without Covid rules

Caravans and campsites in Wales have opened for the 2022 season, hopefully the first in two years that will not be severely affected by coronavirus rules.

First Minister Mark Drakeford has announced that all of Wales’ remaining Covid laws are due to end later this month.

From Monday March 28, provided the public health picture remains stable, it will no longer be mandatory to wear a face covering in shops, on public transport or in health establishments and self-isolation for people who test positive will not be required by law. .

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Bank Farm Leisure is one of many camping and caravan sites preparing for a new season, which will hopefully return to how it was before the pandemic.

Farm Leisure Bank at Horton, Gower

The park overlooks the bay of Port Eynon

Situated above beautiful Port Eynon Bay in Gower, the sun was shining when we visited the caravan and camping park on the first weekend of the season.

Although it was March and it was deceptively cold, the park still had lots of people enjoying the sun.

It’s no surprise that Bank Farm spokeswoman Laura Hobbs said bookings are already coming in droves and fast.

“It’s a promising sign for the season when we already have so many bookings. We’ve been taking bookings for this season since last summer,” she said.

“Our season here at Bank Farm lasts 10 months, from March to the end of December. Our customers are usually a mix of regulars and new faces, but we’ve been seeing more and more new customers since the pandemic hit. I think that more and more people appreciate the beauty that this country has to offer.

“In the first year of the pandemic we had to operate at half capacity to account for social distancing so we did every other pitch and then this year at Christmas we had to close the bar early because we could only offer table service. We are expecting a more normal year this year.”

Alice and John Shorrock visited Bank Farm Leisure for the weekend. They had traveled from Bristol with their three children.

John and Alice Shorrock

They camped in the area for years but finally took the plunge and bought a quarantined trailer.

Alice said: “It was an absolute godsend during the pandemic. We could just pack up the kids and go away for the weekend, when other people were struggling to go abroad.

“We did the full season here for the first time last year. We camped at a site just down the road for years and fell in love with the area. When we came down last night the stars were shining so brightly and it’s amazing to wake up so close to the sea. When you come from a city center you don’t understand that.

The Matthews, Elsey and Thomas families were also there for the weekend.

Members of so-called “Papa Viv’s Saturday Gang” – Kirby Thomas, Cameron Elsey, Riley Elsey, Lara Elsey, Nancy Elsey, Lisa Thomas, Ben Thomas, Lana Matthews, Gina Matthews and Molly Matthews, and Puppy Luna

Lisa Thomas’ father owned a static caravan at Bank Farm and they have been going there for 30 years.

Lisa said: “It’s our first holiday this year, it’s the opening weekend of the season. We pay for the season and come when we can. The caravan used to belong to my dad, but when he’s dead, we just had so many special memories here that we wanted to keep.

“All the members of Papa Viv’s Saturday Gang come. We’ve been coming since we were kids and now we’re bringing our kids and grandkids. It’s really special.”

Sheryl and Paul Thomas own a camper van and have used it for years to tour Gower and wider Wales. They were also at Bank Farm over the weekend.

Sheryl and Paul Thomas

Sheryl said: “We’re down for the weekend, it’s opening weekend here.

“It’s beautiful on the Gower, we’ve been traveling for years, we love it. There aren’t many places like this where you can sit with a pint looking out to sea.

When asked what they love about motorhome life, Paul replied, “Take one and you’ll know.”

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Sally J. Minick