English Dub Review: Casual Camp “The Outdoor Activity Club and the Solo Camping Girl”


The outdoor club is planning their first trip, but they don’t have the right sleeping bags for the cold weather. Trying to cut costs, the club members try to wrap the summer sleeping bag in aluminum foil, bubble wrap and cardboard, and ultimately decide to each buy a winter sleeping bag in line. Meanwhile, Rin passes his motorcycle license and goes camping alone in Nagano…

Our opinion

On a consistent level, the show continues to be relaxing yet fun. Nadeshiko, Aoi, and Chiaki getting ready for their camping trip had many funny moments, such as packing Chiaki into what turned out to be a shipping container. Although for some strange reason the vultures starting to increase in numbers in their school as they worked on the insulation was oddly out of place. Did the vultures think Chiaki was going to die? If anything, it hilariously clashes with the lighthearted atmosphere of this show.

Meanwhile, Rin has always prepared something way ahead and better than her laid-back camp experience. She even did a little part-time job to cover her expenses and even get a driver’s license for better and faster driving. Man, what a great effort she made there, as a solo camper. And the rustic cafe that Rin visits in Nagano looked like a very cozy little place.

All in all another sweet, hilarious and relaxing episode. I am glad that we can now see the Outdoor Camping club “in action”. The storytelling is fun, but also relaxing, with new places to experience sights and places to enjoy. And the dynamic use of backgrounds and storylines, in combination with the down-to-earth tone of the interactions, seems to be where the wholesomeness shines brightest. Outdoor Club’s improvised solution for sleeping on cold winter nights also gave me a good laugh. But mostly, it works, because everything in this anime is taken in a good way, especially the funny ending with a video message that Rin sends to Nadeshiko.

Sally J. Minick