Campsites around Mumbai that promise respite from hectic city life

City life can be quite hectic. Are you looking for some time away from the noise of the city? Check out these seven campsites around Mumbai for an extraordinary experience!


City life is fast-paced and it’s natural to feel like a busy bee sometimes! Daily life in the city can sometimes become monotonous. Once in a while, you might want to take a break to relax.

What better way to relax and calm down than to go camping? Check out these inspirations for campsites around Mumbai that are every adventurer’s dream!

Yoor Hills

Yeoor Hills lies within the Sanjay Gandhi National Park. People often call it the hill station of Thane. You can set up camp near Upvan Lake and enjoy the beautiful scenery. Moreover, you can also take a short trek in the hills of Yeoor. The place is alive with lush vegetation, and its explosive flora and fauna are worth seeing.


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Uttan’s explosive flora and fauna are worth seeing! This is the perfect place for a couples camping trip. This coastal town is located off Gorai Beach. One of the must-see things in Uttan is its delicious seafood. So, are you ready to camp under the stars with your partner in Uttan?


Instead of looking at all the screens, Karanala allows you to contemplate the beauty of the landscapes. The place is indeed a refuge for people who seek peace and quiet. The exotic species of birds inhabiting Karnala will amaze you whether you are a bird lover or not! The myriad of colorful butterflies and songbirds is a perfect getaway!


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Khopoli is only 56 km from Mumbai. In Khopoli, you can indulge in activities such as bonfires, hikes, musical events and several outdoor games. If you want to enjoy clear skies, the best time to visit Khopoli is between October and April.


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This infamous city gave the creeps to many by being part of the Bollywood film Badlapur. Since then, it has been on the bucket list for many. During your walks in the jungle in Vishnubaaug, you will come across exotic species of butterflies. The Ulhasnagar River and its waterfalls are a must visit if you are a nature lover!


Vasind is a spectacular choice for stargazing. You will fall in love with the picturesque sunsets of this place. You can also enjoy the Mauli Hills, located near the campsite. Visitors can indulge in fishing, swimming and even kayaking at Vasind.


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Igatpuri is the very definition of scenic beauty. Ancient visitors claim that Igatpuri is the ultimate place for spiritual tranquility. The various temples and the Myanmar Gate also contribute to the tranquil ambience of this place. A night under the stars of Igatpuri can be emotional!


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All camping enthusiasts, pack your bags and head to these beautiful campsites around Mumbai! We wish you an extraordinary experience!

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Sally J. Minick