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As the number of fully vaccinated people increases in the state, the desire to travel again has also increased. The Puenites make the most of the pleasant weather and the holidays of the holiday season by taking mini vacations to nearby camping destinations. According to city-based travel agencies, camping has seen a 60% increase this season as families and young people increasingly opt for an adventurous outdoor activity, thanks to diverse locations and discounts. interesting.
Short, adventurous and fun trips

With over 30 scenic spots around town, the campsite attracts Puneites for its hassle-free nature and more. Sudhanshu Goyal, one of the camp organizers, explains the phenomenon: “Camping is becoming popular and growing among the Punekars because it is hassle-free and offers people a bunch of adventures. It offers outdoor activities, a tent boarding experience, musical evenings, adventure sports, bonfires and more. And the biggest advantage of all is affordability. People don’t have to worry about traveling between states or booking a hotel. Everything is available in travel packages and most destinations are within an hour or two drive of the city.

Ashutosh Joshi, Founder of Escape The City, Curated Getaways shares: “Camping is becoming more and more popular because a total outdoor experience is something that city dwellers really appreciate more after closings. Now, during the monsoon, very few destinations are available or active. Popular places around Pune are Kamshet, Panshet, Bhor and Pawna – these are also lakeside destinations that make the experience enchanting. Under our Escape the City outfit this is exactly the experience we offer and after the monsoon our weekend getaway events will be announced. ”
Discounts for fully immunized people

During this time, the camps are organized taking into account all COVID-19 safety measures. Dhananjay Raut, a camp organizer, says: “All the tents are properly sanitized and we check the temperature of the staff and people who join us. We encourage you to wear a mask at all times. For fully vaccinated customers, we offer a 10% discount on bookings. The overwhelming response from those vaccinated was supportive for us as we were bankrupt during the lockdown. ”
Perfect weekend getaway

With the festival season upon us and the weather providing the perfect reason to roast marshmallows in the bonfire, citizens are rushing to spend weekends at these camping destinations. IT professional Pallavi Mathur says: “Travel has always been high on my agenda for 2021 after the lockdown. However, I don’t necessarily have to go abroad or travel to other states. Therefore, I take advantage of the nearby camping destinations which are pristine and full of adventure. I love looking at the sky and building a bonfire in the camps.
Another travel enthusiast, Sagar Motwani, chose to go camping for his honeymoon. “We got married while in lockdown and going on a honeymoon was not an option at the time. Recently we saw a few social media posts about the lakeside camping and stumbled upon Pawna Lake. We decided to make it our honeymoon destination. It was such an amazing experience – the music, the adventure, the food and being at the enchanting lake in this weather was just perfect. ”
From the WFH to tent work

Making the most of the WFH, people also stay longer at campsites after the holidays to work there and immerse themselves in the staycation experience. “While I hate opening laptops and taking work calls after weekend vacations, I usually stay in camps longer to enjoy working in a tent by a scenic lake. Plus there is great food and the thrill of spending the evening here. Work becomes less stressful and I can relax outside, which is not usually the case in town, ”explains Sakshi Khetan, a content creator.
Trending camping destinations this season
Lake Pawna – for a lakeside getaway
Bhor – for the pleasure of island camping
Lonavala – to relax in the hills
Campsite near Lavasa Road – for breathtaking views
Velhe – for a quiet hamlet experience
Kamshet and Panshet – for outdoor activities
Camping checklist
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While these camps provide everything from tents to food and accommodation, take them with you …
Sleeping bag
Sleeping mat or camp bed if camping tent
Camping table and chairs
Gloves, rain gear, warm clothes
Spare batteries, portable charger and cables
Torch and headlamp
Hand sanitizer, mask, water bottle


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