Biolite USB Rechargeable Outdoor Camping Lantern

Biolite the camping lantern Specialists have created a rechargeable outdoor light perfect for your camping adventures in the form of the AlpenGlow 500. Fitted with a number of different modes which allow it to act like a candle flickering gently in the wind as well as the two warm and cold lighting which can also be mitigated if necessary. The camping lantern also includes ChromaReal LED Technology allowing it to be set to any color, perfectly matching your mood and setting.

AlpenGlow Lantern

Priced at $80 per AlpenGlow 500 is a 500 lumen camping light capable of running up to 5 hours on high power on a single charge or a massive 200 hours on low power. If 500 lm is a little too bright for your needs, Biolite also offers a AlpenGlow 250 camping lantern priced at $60 plus discounted packages if you need more than one. Watch the quick intro video below to learn more about nature-inspired USB lanterns.

rechargeable usb camping lanterns

USB rechargeable camping lantern

powerful usb camping lantern

“Featuring high-efficiency ChromaReal LED technology, accurately render the colors of your surroundings with the glow of warm natural light. Craving the Northern Lights? Shake the camping lantern for an instant rotation of mesmerizing colors. Offering both an ambient light and a task-based light, AlpenGlow 500 is ready for the backyard or backcountry.ChromaReal LEDs emit broad-spectrum light to render accurate colors in low-light conditions Very useful for night cooking.

Features of the Biolite 500 camping lantern:

– 500 lumens, runs for 5h HI and 200h LO
– 6400mAh rechargeable battery
– IPX4 rating can withstand rain and splashes
– Shake to access special lighting modes
– ChromaReal LEDs create real tones at night
– USB output charges devices or runs BioLite SiteLights
– Single or mixed color modes
– Modes: cool and warm white (dimmable), candle flicker, single color, multicolor and cyclic color

Biolite USB Lamps

Source : Biolite

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