Are these the 3 best campsites not too far from the Tri-Cities?

My husband Jeff and I are looking to get away for a few days. Nowhere too far, maybe 50-100 miles or so in the area.

Where are the best campsites not too far from Tri-Cities?

We are not looking to go far. We just need to get away from home. Somewhere near a stream or river, or even a small lake, would be cool. We know we have Columbia Park nearby. Maybe somewhere a little further would be great.

We asked the question on Facebook, and many of you answered.

What do you know about Bumping Lake Campground?

Glad they have flush toilets. This place is on my list, not just because of the flush toilets. See below.

What about Peach Beach RV Park near Goldendale?

According to the website:

Peach Beach Campground & RV Park is located on the beautiful Columbia River in the Columbia River Gorge in south-central Washington State. Surrounded by fragrant peach orchards, this private park is known both for its calm and friendly atmosphere and for its exciting range of activities such as windsurfing, kitesurfing, boating, swimming, biking and wine tasting.

Although I have never done a wine tasting on a camping trip, I realize that we are in the heart of wine country! So, let’s continue the tour. I was also turned to Mardon Resort, not too far from Moses Lake.

We are located on the sunny shores of Potholes Reservoir located in central Washington approximately 16 miles southwest of Moses Lake, I-90 Exit 179. Potholes Reservoir is a 28,000 acre man-made lake contained by the O ‘Sullivan, which is the longest earth dam in the United States. This lake is perfect for all water sports, fishing and sun.

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