Alberta Parks is changing the way you can book campsites online

Changes are coming to how Albertans can book a campsite online, and Alberta Parks says it’s for the better. Bring on the summer!

Previously, the online reservation system opened on a certain date but from January 11, 2022, you can reserve a pitch for camping all year round.

The changes were announced by Alberta Parks in a Facebook post.

Campers will be able to reserve individual campsites 90 days in advance and 180 days for group and comfort camping.

“This means no more stressful launch dates and better access to campsites for all Albertans,” Alberta Parks said. “This will help reduce the number of online users and promote equitable opportunities and access for all Albertans.”

The booking window will advance one day each morning at 9:00 am.

You can find a full list of campgrounds and their first day of booking here.

The maximum number of consecutive nights that can be booked in a reservation has also been reduced from 16 to 10.

The maximum stay allowed remains at 16 consecutive nights, but if you want to stay 10 nights or more, Alberta Parks says you’ll need two separate reservations.

Alberta Parks says more information about the reservation system will be available next month.

So get ready to supply the trailer and make sure you have all your tent pegs. The 2022 camping season in Alberta is calling.

Sally J. Minick