8 Awesome Activities to Try in Phong Nha, Vietnam

Vietnam has, in recent times, consolidated its place among the main tourist destinations in the world. But what really makes Phong Nha a darling among travelers around the world? Is it the impressive caves, the culture and food, or the nature trail?

Phong Nha is a favorite vacation destination for many travelers, mainly because of the activities that vacationers experience first-hand. Here are some awesome activities to try in Phong Nha, Vietnam on your next trip.

8 Hiking

Common sense dictates that the best way to explore an area is to move around collecting first-hand data. Although hiking is nothing new, the Phong Nha experience is exceptional in several ways. Unlike typical terrain where hiking activities are done and dusted off in 2-3 hours, Phong Nha is a full day activity. The duration can be more than a day, depending on the physical condition and the curiosity of the hikers. The hike introduces vacationers to some of Asia’s hidden treasures. From caves to green forest and wild animals, the area is full of life, making the experience for hikers quite worthwhile.

7 Camping

People who haven’t tried camping still think hiking does the trick. But wait a minute! How can one even compare the two? Camping is the new leader in tours and travel for a reason. First, it gives vacationers a better chance of getting a round-the-clock view of Phong Nha and its surroundings.

Imagine dining in a tent in the middle of a cave as you feel the soft, gentle sound of rivers gliding through the rocky caves. Likewise, there is a campfire near the tents to keep vacationers warm while they enjoy every moment of their vacation. Even the peace that comes with being out there in the forest is reason enough to start saving for the next camping trip to Phong Nha.

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6 Bird watching

Bird watching forms a crucial part of the awesome activities to try in Phong Nha, Vietnam. Sounds childish, right? The biggest mistake vacationers make is not accepting their childish selves. After all, Phong Nha is not the best place to practice maturity. Instead, it’s a place where tourists can enjoy themselves, and there’s no doubt that birdwatching falls into that category. From Zebra Dove to different species of Babbler, Phong Nha is home to many birds, some of which do not exist on other continents.

5 Cave tours

Although Phong Nha is known for its rainforest, wild animals, and free-flowing rivers, none of these beat the popularity associated with its caves. Every year, millions of tourists travel to this area to get a glimpse of the caves. These caves are rich in history, which baffles most travelers. How did they even come into being? How come they are so deep and safe at the same time? Understanding some facts surrounding these caves is only possible through experience. Even authors tell stories about caves from a biased point of view, which means the only reliable source is the caves themselves.

4 Duck feed

It’s definitely not what travel enthusiasts would expect to find in a travel destination. However, feeding the ducks is one in a million activity that no vacationer should miss. Strange as it may sound, feeding ducks isn’t on the list of awesome activities to try in Phong Nha, Vietnam by accident. He belongs there by right. People who have followed Vietnamese culture closely can testify to what birds, especially ducks, mean to society. Going there to see these harmless birds jumping around and making funny sounds is a form of therapy in itself. Who doesn’t want therapy these days anyway?

3 Boat ride

Tourism and travel, in general, give vacationers the opportunity to explore all that the universe has to offer. Phong Nha is basically a perfect destination due to the multiple amenities available. Boating is one of the activities that make Phong Nha an interesting travel destination. Unlike cruising the oceans where there isn’t much to feed the eyes, the boat ride in Phong Nha is a thoroughly satisfying experience. It allows vacationers to discover the wonderful vegetation of bamboo, an emblematic plant of Vietnam.

2 Botanical visit

How is a botanical visit even an activity for a tourist to explore? Well it should be, especially in Phong Nha, Vietnam. Unlike typical hikes, which are mostly centered on difficult terrain, the botanical circuit has none of that. It is mainly centered on the exploration of the dominant and surrounding plants. Apart from rainforest, Phong Nha has a host of other plant species, giving it an attractive green appearance.

1 local cuisine

The last and most important of the awesome activities to try in Phong Nha, Vietnam is the local food. Asia is known to be a “food continent” with signature meals that set different countries apart. Vietnam is famous for Pho, and it would be a terrible mistake to leave this region without trying it. Their stir-fry noodles are also worth every penny. Phong Nha also presents the best chance for those who wish to try sushi. The catalog of dishes of various restaurants here is wide, which leaves vacationers spoiled for choice.

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