7 Best Outdoor Camping Games for Your RV

The great outdoors offer their own fun, but these outdoor camping games are still perfect to keep in your RV…

Most camping days are filled with hiking, boating, exploring and other adventures. But there is still plenty of time between the two at camp.

The following outdoor camping games keep you entertained and fun with the whole family.

I have only selected those that can be easily stored in tight places. After all, every nook and cranny of our RVs is valuable space. And everything in this item is on our Amazon listing – Books, films and games for caravanners

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7 Best Outdoor Camping Games

This list includes classic camping games and more unique games that you may have never played. All offer plenty of fun for all ages and athletic abilities.

1. Collapsible Cornhole Playset

We will start with the essential outdoor game: the cornhole. The best thing about this set is its lightweight and travel size.

It folds up into a round, soft carrying case and pops up whenever you want to play. It is much easier to work with than wooden boards and plays just as well.

This particular model has 5 holes instead of the standard 1-3 holes you normally see. Each hole has a different point value from 5 to 20 points which I think increases the stakes of the game.

2. Slammo Playset

We started with a classic, so let’s move on to one you may not have heard of. GoSports Slammo is like a condensed volleyball game.

Instead of a net you have to hit a big ball, you have a round net similar to a trampoline to bounce a small ball. Players gather around the circular net and have 3 touches to return or smash the ball against the other team.

It’s an active game, which can be played gently while having fun or more aggressively for the more competitive. It’s recommended for players 12 and up, but I can see younger kids having fun bouncing the ball around in their own version of the game.

3. Deluxe Ring Toss

This outdoor RV game is somewhat similar to cornhole, but uses rings instead of beanbags to earn points. You throw the rings to try to hook them on wooden bars worth different values.

All ages can play this game, and it’s fun for adults and kids alike. This set disassembles easily and stores in a soft carrying case.

You can always make the game easier or harder by moving the rings closer together or farther apart. It works great for drawing a line for young children up front and teens and adults farther back.

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Next series of outdoor camping games

4. Table hook and ring game

Speaking of rings, this hook and ring set is perfect for setting up on your picnic table. It’s a great way to keep you or your kids occupied while the food is cooking or hanging out at the campsite.

You can play alone or against an opponent. You “simply” swing a ring at a small hook and hope it catches it. I put “just” in quotes because it’s actually harder than it looks.

This model is easy to assemble and easy to disassemble. Plus, it’s handmade out of wood, which I always appreciate more than its plastic counterparts.

5. Dartboard with ring toss

Alright, I have one more ring game for you. That ring throwing boss! the game reminds me of darts but is safe for young children.

You throw rings on a round board suspended with several hooks of different values. It’s fun to play alone or with the whole family.

This moovgruv model comes with a nice carrying case to store everything. It comes with 24 game rings in 4 different colors and a nice natural color solid wood game board.

6. Croquet game for 6 players

You hardly see people playing croquet anymore, but I think it deserves a comeback. Croquet is a great outdoor camping game because you can play it anywhere.

And every new place you visit is a whole new playground. So unlike every other game on this list, it’s different every time you play.

This set comes with a nice carry bag and enough pieces for up to 6 people to play. It can serve as a great icebreaker for making friends while camping.

seven. Yardzee, Farkle and over 20 games set

Last but not least is a classic dice game turned garden game. Play Yahtzee and Farkle outdoors with these big dice and collapsible bucket.

The game set comes with 5 laminated score cards and a marker, and instructions on how to play over 20 other dice games.

Another big advantage? For every game sold, SWOOC Games plants a tree. So you’re having a lot of fun and doing some good along the way.

Honorable Mention: Velcro Ball Set

I decided to add one more game because it was one of my kids (and me) favorite games when we took them camping. These simple velcro “gloves” (or rather paddles) and balls make it easy to play for all ages. Even young children can have fun.

Sure, twigs and dog hair get stuck in the Velcro, but that’s part of the simple fun. Choose it and return to the game.

This set comes with 4 paddles and 4 balls, so you have backups. Oh, and it comes with a storage bag!

Your favorite outdoor camping games

Did I miss your favorite camping game? If so, share your suggestions in the comments below. The more fun and games, the better!

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Hope you have a lot of fun on your next camping trip! How could you not live the VR lifestyle? Am I right?

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