6 Cool Weekend Activities Around Klang Valley M’sians Can Try For A Quick Getaway From The City

Have you ever felt tired of the hustle and bustle of city life? We can all enjoy a little escape once in a while and nothing is more enjoyable than being surrounded by lush greenery while breathing in some fresh air. If you feel like unwinding from the stresses of life, read on for some refreshing activities you can experience this weekend!

1. Clear your mind on a therapeutic fishing trip at Hulu Langat Fishing Resort

Distance from KL: 34 minutes by car

At Hulu Langat Fishing Resort, it doesn’t matter if you are a beginner because you can find everything you need here, including fishing rods, hooks, bait, etc. You can catch a variety of fish in their pond, such as Siamese carp. , Amazon catfish, Arapaima and more. We recommend hiring the VIP platform so you have your own private deck to fish in comfort (from RM160 per unit for up to 6 anglers). It also includes an attached toilet, sofa, fan, dining table and chairs.

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2. Escape the city with dinner at a nature-themed cafe @ Pineyard, Janda Baik

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Distance from KL: 46 minutes by car

If you love coffee hopping, you can escape KL to enjoy a hearty breakfast at Janda Baik at Pineyard Cafe! They serve a fusion of western dishes and local delicacies and of course you can’t forget the coffee drinks and desserts.

Admired for its rustic interior, this cafe is the perfect getaway if you’re looking to rejuvenate in the fresh air away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Just imagine sipping your latte while overlooking the beautiful forest. 😍

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3. Live your idyllic fishing life and enjoy a seafood feast @ Pulau Ketam, Klang

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Distance from KL: 49 minutes by car + 40 minutes by ferry

Pulau Ketam is a fishing village located in Klang. You will need to travel to Port Klang and then board a ferry to get to the island, but the trip will be worth it! The picturesque island gives us a taste of this dream kampung life that we all admire.

Must-do things on the island include renting an electric scooter/bike for a ride around town, taking photos of the colorful houses, tasting delicious seafood dishes and buying fresh seafood with local fishermen.

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4. Treat yourself to a variety of outdoor activities @ Paya Indah Discovery Wetlands

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Distance from KL: 35 minutes by car

Paya Indah Discovery Wetlands is a protected sanctuary located next to Gamuda Cove and it is a habitat for many endangered species. There is surprisingly an abundance of outdoor activities you can enjoy here such as:

  • Animal feed
  • Game drive tour
  • Ride a horse
  • Balloon flights
  • Camping, and more!

The wetlands are open every day except Tuesdays and each activity would have varying prices. Whether you come with your family or friends, from children to adults, you are sure to have a productive weekend here!

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5. Hike a scenic trail for an exciting workout @ Bukit Gasing, PJ

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Distance from KL: 11 minutes by car

The Bukit Gasing hiking trail is set in a 100-acre forest reserve, which means you’ll be surrounded by tall trees. This beginner-friendly trail has several routes you can choose from (depending on the level of difficulty you prefer) and one route even includes a suspension bridge that would be perfect for those OOTD shots. There is no entrance fee and the duration of the hike can take around one to two and a half hours.

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6. Bond with your family in nature at Rumah Kebun Campground, Hulu Langat

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Distance from KL: 34 minutes by car

You’ve probably heard of the super aesthetic Rumah Kebun (a private homestay) which is known for its stunning swimming pool fed by natural spring water! But if you’re more adventurous, we recommend going camping at Rumah Kebun Campground!

What we like about this site is that it is super beginner friendly as you can hire the Premium site (RM600/6 pax) which comes with a sleeping tent with six mattresses and other amenities such as :

  • Shower with hot water
  • Raised wooden platform
  • Ceiling fan
  • Plug
  • Barbecue with umbrella
  • bonfire pit
  • Parking (2 cars per site)… and more!

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If you are considering trying these outdoor activities, remember that your safety is the most important thing! Here are some precautionary measures you can take:

  • Be dressed properly. Light and airy clothes are always optimal!
  • Apply sunscreen and be sure to reapply it throughout the day.
  • Pack a bag to not only bring your necessities but also to store your trash until you find a trash can.

Another important tip is to bring Continued the water you think is needed. You never know how much you will sweat and you can get dehydrated very quickly! However, if you bring a bunch of mineral water bottles, remember not to leave them around so we can keep mother nature clean.

Alternatively, instead of carrying a bunch of 1L bottles, why not pack two or three 6L or 9.5L water bottles? This way there is less waste and you will definitely have enough water for everyone! But if you have trouble pouring water from those big bottles, you can opt for a water pump dispenser!

We’re talking about nothing but the all NEW Spritzer Water Pump Dispenser!

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This new water pump dispenser is a handy companion for all kinds of outdoor activities so you can enjoy your favorite silica-rich natural mineral water anytime, anywhere! In case you didn’t know, silica is important for our health because it can help promote bone growth, soften our blood vessels, and also increase our collagen levels to improve our hair, skin, and nails.

Wondering what’s so special about it? We will tell you!

  • This is easy to use at the push of a button.
  • This is practical and portable with a compact and lightweight design and he also has long battery life.
  • Affordable price at only RM39.90 (but if you want to get it at a special price, read on to find out! 👀)
  • Compatible with Spritzer 6L and 9.5L mineral water bottles.

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Here is how you can easily use the water pump with a mineral water Spritzer:

  1. Wash the hose and attach it to the inlet of the Spritzer water pump dispenser.
  2. Remove the safety seal from the Spritzer natural mineral water cap and the cap from the dispenser insert.
  3. The bottle cap must remain on the bottle. Simply insert the hose into the hole and attach the water pump accordingly.
  4. Once it’s fixed, you should be able to enjoy your Spritzer mineral water at the push of a button!

Psstt… make sure to charge it for three hours before first use!

Interested? Then you’ll be happy to know that you can now grab the Spritzer Water Pump Dispenser at a great combo price! You can choose between:

  • Spritzer mineral water (6L) + Spritzer water pump dispenser (1 unit) = MSRP RM57.45 RM49.90
  • Spritzer mineral water (9.5 L) + Spritzer water pump dispenser (1 unit) = MSRP RM61.15 RM52.90

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This promo is available now until April 15, 2022 so be sure to grab it while you can! This water pump will also come in handy for indoor use, whether at home or in the office, so it will be easier to reach your daily water consumption goal. Not to mention that it will be very useful in the event of a water cut. 😜

For more information on purchasing, be sure to visit Spritzer’s website here.

Sally J. Minick