5 modern campsites in Malaysia for the perfect weekend!

Fancy a short getaway to recharge your batteries in nature and escape (temporarily) the hustle and bustle of the city? Besides the usual retreat spots or luxury hotels, more and more people are turning to something more minimalist by going back to the roots of nature: camping!

Unlike “real” camping, these are campsites with pre-pitched tents that we laymen can experience and enjoy. Definitely something unique to try too!

So, check out 5 campsites that are gaining popularity in Malaysia that you don’t want to miss!

1. Camp Lubar

Located in the Taman Eko Rimba Komanwel Resort in Rawang, Lubar offers 10 types of tents that you can rent for your getaway.

Depending on whether you have 2 or up to 6 people, each tent set comes with air mattresses, blankets, air pillows, cooking utensils and cutlery, a kitchen table, chairs and a table lamp .

The tents are all set up before you arrive, so guests only need to come with their own food and drink, or BBQ ingredients!

Toilets and showers are shared with other guests, but Lubar makes sure they are always clean so everyone can use them easily.

Price scale: Around RM190 to RM275 per person.

Interested? See more information and book here.

2. Senho Outdoor

Just a 2-hour drive from Kuala Lumpur, Senho Outdoor in Kampar offers visitors a minimalist-style MUJI camping experience.

All of his camping packages include tents, air mattresses with linens, a lamp, a camping table and chairs, cooking utensils and cutlery, and ingredients to cook army stew dinner. Breakfast of nasi lemak/fried vermicelli, served with kuih muihs is also included in the packages.

Since there are no power outlets where you are camping, Senho reminds visitors to pack power banks, extra drinking water, blankets and pillows, and insect repellent for a stress-free outdoor experience. stress.

Price scale: Around RM220 to RM295 per person

Interested? See more information and book here.

3. Outpost Camp

OutpostCamp has started offering camping packages in Gopeng, Perak. Now they are also available in Genting and Mawai, Johor!

Their package offers tents equipped with air mattresses, tent lights, chairs, and even dinner and breakfast ingredients that you can cook to fill your stomach. You just need to bring your own sleeping bags, spare clothes and toiletries.

Price scale: Around RM195 to RM245 per person

Interested? See more information and book here.

4. Little Habitat Glamz

This scenic spot located in Bentong, Pahang is a family business built during the pandemic with the aim of promoting sustainable ecotourism with the existing resources of the ground.

Just 1 hour drive from Kuala Lumpur, you will be treated to welcome drinks/seasonal farm-to-table fruit, heated showers, optional hotpot dinner or English breakfast for the next morning. Of course, you are also allowed to bring your own food ingredients to cook, with all basic cooking tools provided!

Unlike most campsites, Little Habitat Glamz allows pet owners to bring their little furry friends with them on the getaway.

Besides lounging in the easy to pitch tents, visitors can soak their bodies in the little stream and play ping pong, badminton, football, board games or even watch something at the cinema!

Price scale: Around RM155 to RM200 per person

Interested? See more information and book here.

5. Hola Camp

If you really want to be an independent camper, Hola Camp only offers camping, so you have to pitch your tent yourself! If you don’t have your own tent, don’t worry! Hola Camp will recommend you a tent rental which costs around RM150-RM200.

The site is located at the top of the Cameron Highlands which is around 23-26 degrees during the day and as low as 13 degrees at night – perfect for a BBQ! So you can expect fog and cold weather throughout your stay there.

Hola Camp has shared toilets as well as hot showers. Everything else you need to bring yourself for the real camping experience!

Price range: RM50-60 per night for each adult and RM10-20 per child.

Interested? See more information and book here.

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Sally J. Minick