5 Best Pet Gadgets for Your Next Outdoor Camping Adventure

Getting out into nature and falling asleep under the stars, especially after months indoors, is restorative. Now add a favorite pet to the trip and a camping outing turns into an adventure. But before you pack your pup in the car and go camping, make sure you have some basics that not only help him enjoy the time outdoors, but also keep him protected.

There are many smart pet devices that you can use at home. At camping ? You have to think a little smaller and more mobile. These devices below are recommended by veterinarians and other experts, products that can make your dog – and in some cases, cats – much more comfortable. But by protecting your pet, these can also help you relax, which is why you packed your bags and headed outside in the first place.

Favorite toy or camping bed

Bringing your dog his own bed can ensure you have space in yours

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You may want to help your pet feel comfortable in the tent by bringing a favorite toy, giving him something familiar in his new surrounding notes. KOA, a network of private campsites. Villains looks like a chew toy, but the $80 device connects to an app on your mobile phone that lets you activate it to roll on the floor and even bounce. Fully charged, it can run for up to four hours and give you some downtime while your dog plays alone.

You may also consider giving them their own bed, as pets may prefer to snuggle next to you at night, a better option besides having them sleep outside.

Another option could be a self-inflating bed, both LL Bean and Speed ​​of light make these types of mats, which fill with air automatically by simply rotating a nozzle on them, and can be picked up for around $60. They can help keep a pet warm at night and give them their own space, although they will almost certainly try to wink on your bed a few times.

Portable waterer

A dog drinking from a portable water bowl

A portable water bowl ensures your pet stays hydrated on hikes.Hello Vigo

Fresh water is a necessity for your pet no matter where they are, whether in the wild or at home. So when planning a camping trip with your dog or pet, you need to make sure you have food and water – and ideally a way to keep food and treats safe and clean. stray wild animals note PetMD.

If you’re looking to hike on your camping trip, packing water for a pet can be a challenge. But we like the option of Hello Vigo, a $19 water bottle with a small bowl on one end. Water can be poured into the small hollowed out area, then when your pet has had enough, you can spill the water into the bottle, which holds 12 ounces, can be clipped to a belt or bag, and also locked. It seems a little small for large breeds, but can be a good choice for smaller pets.


A dog with a whistle collar around his neck

A collar can help track your pet if it goes missing and locate it in a dark campsiteGearBrain

A collar, ID and leash are essential so you can keep your pet safe with you, and you can also show they have their up-to-date vaccinations when you enter the campsite if required, note Ban veterinary hospital, in California. Some collars and tags can do more than contain identifiers. There are those that can light up in the dark with LEDs, great for late night stargazing. Others can help track your pet if something happens and they get lost.

One, Whistle, is an $80 tag that works on GPS and a cellular network to track a missing pet. It even has a built-in nightlight, which can be turned on via the app. You need to be somewhere near a cellular network – and you’ll have to pay a monthly fee for Whistle to work. So if you’re heading off-grid a bit more, consider something like the $12 Nite Dawg LED Collar Cover which can slide over whatever your dog is currently wearing, and has a switch that lets you turn an LED light on and off and provides at least some lighting around your pup.

Extra batteries, backup charger

A solar battery from ToughTested

When you are outdoors, a backup battery allows you to display first aid apps and also locate emergency care for your petGearBrain

Want to make sure your pet is healthy and ready to go out? It is important to get the correct vaccinations and keep your flea and tick medications up to date. But if something happens, the Red Cross First Aid Kit app is an option recommended by the American Association of Veterinary Hospitals, which can be opened even if you are not in a cellular signal. What you will need to have, however, if a charged phone. So bring an extra battery for your mobile device or a backup charger.

ToughTested makes some great power banks, some starting at just $25, that are perfect for spending time outdoors, with options that include solar charging. Many banks are also weatherproof, with an IP65 rating, which means they can withstand submersion in water.

8000mAh Powerbank Portable Solar Charger with LED Flashlight – IP54 Dustproof/Shockproof/Rainproof – High Efficiency 180mAh Solar Panel

Tether and stake

A dog attached to a 360 degree swivel and tether

360 degree swivel can allow your pet’s room to move aroundover-pivoting

Consider microchipping so your pet can be responsibly returned to you, something your vet can quickly, recommends. blue pearl. But also, prevent something like this from happening in the first place with a tether and stake. An option is made by over-pivoting which has a 360 degree range of motion, costs $45, and once it’s planted in the ground at your campsite. Not all campsites will allow you to tie your dog or cat to a leash and then to a tree. It’s also not the safest option as your pet can get wrapped up in a long leash and potentially be injured. So a tether that gives them more range of motion is not only more fun, because your pet can be with you at your site, but probably safer too.

Sally J. Minick