13 relaxing and fun activities to do while camping

A newbie asked for fun things to do while camping and our members answered! Here’s what they recommend…

Recently, one of our RV Lifestyle members asked our Facebook group what he does while camping.

Emily asked, “Do you sit outside and read? To play games? Visit the city where you are staying? »

The post generated nearly 300 comments! RVers of all ages shared their favorite activities to do while camping, and it’s quite varied.

So I’ve compiled the most common suggestions into a list (boy, I love lists!) and shared helpful related links.

13 relaxing and fun activities to do while camping

I love the RV community because there is such a variety of people and different types of travelers.

Some are lounge and look type. Others are of the active and practical type. Yet others balance somewhere in between.

Here is a list of camping activities recommended by all travellers. In addition, many links to develop the ideas!

1. Be artistic!

A great thing to do while on vacation is to get creative. You can play a musical instrument, paint, work on your photography skills, or draw.

It’s always fun to pull out a guitar or other musical instrument and sing campfire songs around the fire.

Some have recommended starting a travel journal to document your adventures or to sketch.

You can also try these best travel crafts.

2. Practice yoga, mediation or prayer

Yoga, mediation and prayer go hand in hand with nature. These practices connect with your natural body and the world around you.

They can help calm your mind and body and help you live in the moment. They’re also a great way to help put a busy job or otherwise stressful week behind you.

If you haven’t tried yoga, meditation, or prayer, they’re worth a shot on your next outing.

3. Relax and unwind

Do you know one of the most popular activities to do while camping? Relaxing!

Yes, it’s true ! Many people like to kick their feet up in their favorite camping chair, close their eyes, and take a nap.

You can also relax with a good camping book, soaking up the calm sounds of nature. Or do one of your favorite crafts like knitting or crocheting.

4. Bike

What is the adage? Something like you never forget how to ride a bike. And thank goodness it’s true!

Cycling is great exercise and can be a relaxing way to explore a new area. If you don’t own and bring your own, many towns have bike rental companies to do the schlepping for you.

Take a leisurely stroll on a nature trail or along a beach promenade. You can also always try an electric bike. We love every bike we’ve owned! And recently we have been enjoying our Lectric e-bikes.

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5. Cook

Another activity people enjoy in VR is cooking a good meal. Just because you’re camping doesn’t mean you can’t cook a gourmet meal…or at least one that’s more than just beans.

Don’t worry, it shouldn’t be hard to make count. You can whip up a slow cooker camping recipe or just throw burgers on the portable camping grill.

Of course, don’t forget to follow a delicious meal with a delicious campfire dessert. It’s also worth checking out the best campfire accessories.

13 relaxing and fun activities to do while camping 2

6. Hike or explore

My love of camping grew out of my love of exploring. As a traveling journalist, I was always on the move for my career and now I’m still on the move for “retirement”. (Obviously, I never completely stopped sharing information with others!)

Motorhome is a great way to explore a new country, region or national park site, but a motorhome can only get you closer. Sometimes your feet need to take you all the way to experience what’s truly spectacular.

Fortunately, hiking doesn’t mean overwork. There are almost always hiking trails of varying difficulty wherever you go.

My goodness, I’ve written so many articles about hiking, from gear to wear to where to hike, that you’ll have to browse to see what catches your eye.

Mike and Jennifer’s summer t-shirts for your next adventure

13 relaxing and fun activities to do while camping 3
Your adventure awaits! New colors and new designs are waiting for you.

7. Throw a ball

A good number of people mentioned throwing a ball or playing yard games with their friends, family, and camping neighbors.

From cornhole to touch football, there are plenty of outdoor camping games for all ages and skill levels.

Shoot, you don’t even need people! I know my favorite wrestling partner is our dog Bo. And I’ve been known to challenge myself to a game of cornhole.

7 Best Outdoor Camping Games for Your RV
bossy birds

8. Bird Watching

When people start camping, they are often surprised by the number of different bird species. Some even plan their entire trip to see as many unique species or birds as possible.

I recently wrote an article on birding and the RV lifestyle that offers tips on birding and the best birding destinations.

9. Play board games

When it comes to camping, I think playing board games at the picnic table is like sitting around a campfire. That, and card games, of course.

It’s a wonderful way to relax in the evening or even hide in the shade on a hot afternoon. I have some great lists to help you stock your game cabinet:

Grab a cold drink and ask some camping neighbors to join you for a game!

10. Water sports

13 relaxing and fun activities to do while camping 4
Jennifer enjoying kayaking

Jennifer and I like to stay active. It helps me stay young and feel good! One way to stay active is to practice a water sport.

Many campsites are near bodies of water. Whether you are near the ocean, a lake or a river, there are plenty of water sports to try.

Try kayaking, tubing, surfing, canoeing or paddleboarding. If you don’t own water sports equipment, many companies do. And they will be happy to rent it to you!

(My favorite is kayak fishing!)

A discreet and relaxing water port is the paddleboard. Glide peacefully on a glacial lake or bay. It can give you a whole new perspective of the area you are staying in.

If someone you’re with doesn’t want to do the water activity you’re exploring; they can walk around and enjoy the water with you, in a different way.

11. Cloud gazing and stargazing

If you are lucky enough to have relaxing cloud cover while camping, you have the perfect setting for a relaxing activity!

Let your mind relax and see what images you can choose from the clouds to pass the time peacefully.

Stargazing is also an incredibly relaxing hobby. So much so that I prepared a stargazing kit!

12. Watch the sunset


Being outdoors gives you the best front row seat for a sight that never gets old: the sunset. Take a chair and enjoy nature revealing its beauty to you!

This is what several reviewers have said is a highlight of their trip.

13. Storytelling

Telling a good story can be relaxing, nostalgic, or a fun way to tell a scary story.

What better time to relax and tell a good story than when you’re sitting around the fire?

It’s also a great way to make new friends while camping.

What are your favorite activities to do while camping?

We would like to know what your favorite camping activities are. Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

And be sure to check out these VR adventure guides that outline all the best things to do and see!

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