10 Best Outdoor Activities to Try in NYC

After a long winter, it is essential to get outside, enjoy the sun and the breeze. New York City is famous for its refined urban lifestyle, tasty cuisine and spectacular shopping malls. This charming haven is the ideal place where outdoor adventures abound, from rock climbing to water sports. It also offers countless fascinating opportunities to spend a nice and quiet day in the sun.

Want to have fun in New York? These 10 exciting outdoor activities will do the trick.

ten To go to the beach

New York beaches have a great way of lighting up moods. For visitors looking to relax away from the summer crowds, Fort Tilden is the place for them. Partygoers can drink and dance all day at Jacob Riis Park Beach. For tourists who don’t know where to go and what activity to try, Coney Island beach is full of various outdoor festivities.

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9 Block in Central Park

For decades, Central Park has been a hotbed of outdoor activities, and the block stands out. For locals and tourists looking for extreme adventures, this is the perfect activity. Bouldering fanatics have always headed to Central Park year-round to climb the park’s ancient boulders and take in the glorious golden sunset. A traveler who loves photography can capture incredible beauty. This charming park also offers a wonderful green space for bird watchers and picnickers.

8 Visit the Statue of Liberty

Summer and early fall are the perfect weather to get out and see the city from a new perspective. One of the most incredible outdoor excursions offered in New York is jet skiing to the magnificent Statue of Liberty and other exemplary attractions. Surrounded by the waters of New Jersey, the magnificent Statue of Liberty offers incredible scenes of the New York skyline.

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7 Stroll along the High Line

The High Line is a magnificent example of New York’s brilliance. This is one of New York’s most popular parks and it offers some spectacular scenes. It is the ideal place for hiking enthusiasts to relax and enjoy the charming landscapes of Chelsea’s industrial areas and modernized factories. Guests can visit this paradise when the flowers are in full bloom between spring and summer for a fantastic view.

6 Kayaking on the Hudson River

Is it for customers looking to shake off a boring afternoon? Kayaking the Hudson River is a great way to spend the day. All travelers can access free, expert lessons at multiple locations from the instructors. With an angle of the Empire State Building from the metropolis and the Statue of Liberty from the center, tourists can explore far and wide and have a great time.

5 Camp at Kittatinny Campground

This unique campsite is excellent for fun and relaxing outdoor activities, whether with family or friends. It’s an awesome choice for a family looking to spend time together and bond or friends looking to have a good time. With nearly 350 campsites, each camp has a well-equipped fire pit and picnic table. This beautiful paradise also offers plenty of daytime activities, from volleyball, paintball, and river trips to ziplining.

4 Explore Watkins Glen Waterfalls

Watkins Glens waterfalls is a lovely place with lots to see. Its alluring landscapes make it a remarkable place for avid photographers. Although it’s a bit touristy just off the road, the exquisite waterfall is worth it. With three different avenues, hikers can decide where to start. Adventurers experience the breathtaking scenery of Watkins Glens waterfalls on the South Rim Trail, North Rim Train, and Gorge Trail. With its glamorous stone bridge high above and turquoise pool below, Rainbow Falls looks magical. Rainbow Falls is undoubtedly the highlight of the park.

3 Try Smorgasburg

An expedition to New York isn’t complete without visiting the Smorgasburg Food Bazaar. It has a weekly outdoor food court, the largest in America. Visitors sample food from over 100 local vendors. They can also crawl among the vendors on a bright sunny day, grab an ice cream and take it to the nearby park or dock.

2 Mount Beacon Fire Tower Hike

Mount Beacon is in the southern town of Beacon, New York. This slice of heaven offers amazing sunset and sunrise scenes. It also has a recently rebuilt fire tower. Guests with young ones can make this a family hike, although it can be strenuous. On a clear day, the top of the mountain offers a 360 degree view of New York. Visitors to this place can create lasting memories by taking Instagram worthy photos, enjoying a snack and consuming the beauty of this piece of paradise.

1 Cycling

Cycling is one of the cheapest outdoor activities to try in New York. Renting a bike for the day allows customers to explore the city and get off the beaten track. Travelers can cycle south from Owls Head Park and enjoy breathtaking views of the Verrazzano-Narrows Bridge.

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